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Single Level Custom Basketball Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece Table Decoration

Posted by Michael on September 19, 2010

Single Level Bar Mitzvah Basketball CenterpiecePictured here is a custom single level basketball centerpiece that is simple to make. It is creative, yet unique in the way it tells its story theme. The party celebration centers around college basketball teams.

The basketball centerpiece parts are easy to transport for do it yourselfers.  Assembly takes but a few minutes at the party or event celebration.

We spray paint the top of the 12″ square styrofoam base with silver paint and ribbon the edges.  Mylar paper poofs in team or theme colors are placed around the center where the ball is attached to the base.  A team banner is added on a wooden dowel embellished with curling ribbon.  The team name is the table name which corresponds to names on the place cards.

Another simple but unique creative idea for your sports banquet, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, theme wedding rehearsal or reception, retirement, birthday, or corporate event or party.


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Clever Customer Music Theme Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece and Place Cards

Posted by Michael on April 6, 2010

This takeoff Bar Mitzvah music theme centerpiece had a fake MP3 player with real ear plugs.

Bar Mitzvah Music Theme Centerpiece

The custom music theme Bar Mitzvah place cards were also fun to make! The vivid colors just were amazing!

Custom Music Theme Place Cards

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Custom Bar Mitzvah Place Cards and Centerpieces for Cookie Themed Party Decorations

Posted by Michael on April 3, 2010

Things have been rather hectic around here with Michael planning his retirement. So many decisions to make and so many options.

We have a little catching up to do in our postings. Here are some pictures of a delicious cookie theme bar mitzvah we did earlier this year.
Matts cookie Theme Bar Mitzvah Name Centerpiece

The picture above is the name centerpiece for the custom place card table.  Later it was moved to the sweet table.  Below is an enlarged shot of he place cards we designed for the event.

Custom Bar Mitzvah Cookie Theme Place Cards
To the right are two of the centerpiece table decorations shown before final assembly at the party along with the place cards.

Centerpieces for Matts Cookie Bar Mitzvah

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Tall Centerpiece Kit Combines Flexible Plastic Tubes with Top and Bottom Bases for Parties and Events

Posted by Michael on December 21, 2009

Tall Two Level Centerpiece with Flexible Plastic Tube

Tall Two Level Centerpiece with Flexible Plastic Tube

Combine these popularly requested items as a base kit to put together your do it yourself tall centerpiece for any upcoming events or parties. Kits consist of a round or square 12″ base, variable length flexible plastic tube and a 8” top round piece. Suitable for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or theme centerpieces for parties and events. Add sports or other theme accents to compliment. Painting/ribbon is an option as is shred fill.

Visit our DIY Flexible Plastic Tube page for more information and links to How-To Videos.

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Use Easy Laminations to Accent Your DIY Party Centerpiece Creations

Posted by Michael on December 5, 2009

We added a new page on lamination cut outs to our site. A-BnC Parties can clear laminate a furnished picture, graphic or other art work for your do it yourself centerpiece. Then we mount it on a piece of rigid 3/4” polystyrene. We will custom cut out the photo as well as the backing piece. Most pieces are mounted on both sides and we accommodate reflected images. Use for a Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece, Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece, Wedding or other party centerpiece.

Laminated DIY Centerpiece Accent

Laminated Waveboard Rider

If you go down to two blogs prior to this one, you can see how an 8″ x 10″ supplied picture can be laminated and glued onto a sturdy polystyrene support.

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New Ice Cream Centerpieces Debut for Bar Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Wedding and other Events

Posted by Michael on November 29, 2009

We added some do it yourself ice cream theme centerpiece cut outs suitable for all kinds of delicious looking ice cream aficionados.  Shown here on our “Just Add Sand” centerpiece bases.  Each comes cut out of rigid polystyrene in white so you can decorate as desired with almost any kid of water based paint.

Ice Cream Banana Split Centerpiece

Mikey’s favorite is the banana split (left), shown here with an ice cream cone and a bar.  Also available is the ice cream sundae (right).

Ice Cream Sundae Centerpiece

Ice Cream Sundae Centerpiece

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A Simple DIY Formula for a Halloween (or other) Centerpiece Decoration for a Bat Mitzvah Party

Posted by Michael on November 18, 2009

We wanted to share a formula for some cute centerpieces we helped put together for a Halloween themed bat mitzvah party a just a few weeks ago.

Use these construction techniques to decorate your party with attractive centerpieces.  Support a stick or flexible plastic tube by gluing onto a piece of styrofoam or wood.  Insert into your base (here a plastic jack-o-lantern) and glue.  The base can also be a shopping bag, small box, decorated box, theme box (i.e. computer), etc.  Camouflage with some tissue or mylar paper.  Add a large picture (or other theme piece)  at the top mounted to a rigid piece of cardboard or polystyrene and attached to the stick or flexible plastic tube.

Add theme related garnishments – here we used leaves, scarecrows, dried flowers, etc.  Or it can be anything complimenting the theme you select.


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Da Chicago Bears Football Theme Bar Mitzvah Party Buffalo Grove

Posted by Michael on October 6, 2009

This past weekend we had the privilege of setting up the centerpiece and balloon decorations for Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah party in Buffalo Grove, IL.  The theme was da Chicago Bears’ football!   The party participants were greeted at the place card table with this “name” centerpiece.

Chicago Bear Theme Sign In Table Centerpiece

Two different sized Chicago Bears football themed centerpieces decorated the tables, along with matching balloons.  There were one level centerpieces with a picture of one of Daniel’s favorite players.

Chicago Bear Theme One Level CenterpieceAs well as two-level centerpieces, again with pictures and names of favorite players.  The two level centerpieces also have a Chicago Bears’ bag as a base.

Chicago Bear Theme Two Level CenterpieceDuring the celebration party this Chicago Bears football theme candle lighting was a hit!

Chicago Bear Theme Candle Lighting

We will have a video up on YouTube within a few days with room shots and other centerpieces from Daniel’s party.  Look for it soon!

For more party decorations ideas, visit our main site.  For do it yourself theme centerpiece kits and supplies, please visit DUY site.

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Basketball, Football and Lacrosse Centerpieces by a Do It Yourselfer

Posted by Michael on September 20, 2009

Cheryl from Maryland sent us these pictures

Basketball DIY Centerpiece

of the Basketball DIY Centerpiece, Football DIY Centerpiece

Football DIY Centerpiece


Lacrosse DIY Centerpiece she made with the do it yourself centerpiece supplies we sent her plus her additions!

Lacroosse DIY CenterpieceCongratulations and good work!

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New Budget DIY Poker Centerpiece Video is Available

Posted by Michael on August 29, 2009

We just finished uploading this fun to make Poker theme centerpiece video on YouTube.

Watch for our new DIY Ice Cream Centerpiece video, coming soon!

For additional information on our kits and supplies, visit us.

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