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Is Planning a Marriage Just an Anxious Marathon, Beauty Pageant and Shopping Spree?

Posted by Michael on January 30, 2009

Wailin Wong wrote an article in the Chicago Tribune yesterday titled “Social Web engages brides in all stages of Planning”. Unfortunately, it is not yet in the paper’s archives so we cannot link to it.

The story is both sad and humorous. She said planning a marriage is “more like an anxiety-ridden hybrid of marathon, shopping spree and beauty pageant.” Then she thanks the Web for being there to help. Later she comments “..social media has injected some transparency and community into wedding planning.” The web brings “..together brides in the hunt for fair prices.”

She briefly covers message boards, brides developing bonds, anonymity, second thoughts, and other topics. We do hope she truly does not become another bridezilla.

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Building a Web Business with Web 2.0 Marketing, Part 1

Posted by Michael on January 25, 2009

Michael (my Webmaster and E-Marketer) wrote this article on his Blog…we generally do not mix our areas of expertise, but I thought any of you who might be interested in Web based businesses might enjoy reading it. He has other insights available.

Web2.0 is social networking. And social networking can be, and is being, used for business, point blank. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, TBD, etc., to only socialize. You can share events, play games, meet old and new friends, post photos, etc., and waste a lot of time. You can post videos on YouTube for humor, shock, information, etc.

Or you can use these, and other Web2.0 avenues, to get people to visit your Website. And most of these avenues are FREE advertising and demand only sweat equity. Some are better than others. The point is if you want to generate sales through social networking, you can. If you get more people to visit, more people will purchase. Increase traffic, increase sales. Point blank, end of story.

The old rule of thumb in retailing was you either have traffic or you build traffic. In either case you pay for it. One option was to rent in a mall or street location where there was a lot of traffic, and a lot of rent. Or to start in a low traffic (i.e. home based, garage, industrial park, etc.) and spend money on advertising for traffic.

That day is passé.

Some of you spent a lot of time, money, and energy at last week’s Party Planning Showcase in a Northwest Chicago Suburb. Judy and I strolled the show talking with our friends. We asked ourselves “why continue?” five years ago and could not find a reason to. We found the reason.

Glance at the Web statistics I provided you free, or request another or a new one. It compares your recent Website activities and search engine rankings with those of A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. Visitor hits on Judy’s sites, including www.abncparties.com have DOUBLED on a daily basis from December, 2008 to January, 2009. Sales have also increased over last year’s comparisons. I will not divulge by how much.

The invitation is there, join the Facebook discussion. The information is Free. Or should I charge for it? Will it be more valuable? Judy’s new V-P and national sales manager asked: “Why is it so cheap?”

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