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New Balloon Decorations Video For Parties and Events – Before and After

Posted by Michael on November 10, 2010

We set up this banquet party room with balloon decorations a week ago Saturday.  It is amazing how balloons can instantly transform a room’s decor into an event.  We hope you enjoy the transformation as much as we enjoy making it happen.

For more ideas about balloon decorations please visit our balloon page.


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Saturday’s Party Theme Had Chicago Blackhawk Custom Hockey Centerpieces

Posted by Michael on August 30, 2010

Custom Hockey Theme Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece

Chicago Blackhawks Party Centerpiece

These custom hockey table centerpiece decorations helped Justin celebrate his Bar Mitzvah last Saturday. Every table had a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory  theme. Standing tall on each centerpiece was a colorfully painted hockey player cut out. A Stanley Cup trophy rendering and a table sign on either side complemented the player. A favorite Blackhawk players was the name of each of Jonathan’s tables. This one had the name Jonathan Toews.

More photos to follow in future posts.

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Clever Customer Music Theme Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece and Place Cards

Posted by Michael on April 6, 2010

This takeoff Bar Mitzvah music theme centerpiece had a fake MP3 player with real ear plugs.

Bar Mitzvah Music Theme Centerpiece

The custom music theme Bar Mitzvah place cards were also fun to make! The vivid colors just were amazing!

Custom Music Theme Place Cards

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Custom Bar Mitzvah Place Cards and Centerpieces for Cookie Themed Party Decorations

Posted by Michael on April 3, 2010

Things have been rather hectic around here with Michael planning his retirement. So many decisions to make and so many options.

We have a little catching up to do in our postings. Here are some pictures of a delicious cookie theme bar mitzvah we did earlier this year.
Matts cookie Theme Bar Mitzvah Name Centerpiece

The picture above is the name centerpiece for the custom place card table.  Later it was moved to the sweet table.  Below is an enlarged shot of he place cards we designed for the event.

Custom Bar Mitzvah Cookie Theme Place Cards
To the right are two of the centerpiece table decorations shown before final assembly at the party along with the place cards.

Centerpieces for Matts Cookie Bar Mitzvah

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New Double Name Balloon Arch Spells Out Names in Letter Balloons

Posted by Michael on December 17, 2009

We got a call and delivered our first double name balloon arch spelled out in letters this past weekend. It was well received.

Two Names Spelled Out in Balloon Letters

Jamie - Jason Spelled out in Letter a Balloon Arch

Follow the link for more picture of names in balloons or if you have trouble seeing the full width of this picture.

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Basketball, Football and Lacrosse Centerpieces by a Do It Yourselfer

Posted by Michael on September 20, 2009

Cheryl from Maryland sent us these pictures

Basketball DIY Centerpiece

of the Basketball DIY Centerpiece, Football DIY Centerpiece

Football DIY Centerpiece


Lacrosse DIY Centerpiece she made with the do it yourself centerpiece supplies we sent her plus her additions!

Lacroosse DIY CenterpieceCongratulations and good work!

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New Budget DIY Poker Centerpiece Video is Available

Posted by Michael on August 29, 2009

We just finished uploading this fun to make Poker theme centerpiece video on YouTube.

Watch for our new DIY Ice Cream Centerpiece video, coming soon!

For additional information on our kits and supplies, visit us.

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Learn How To Paint and Highlight a Sports Hockey Player Cut Out With This Video

Posted by Michael on July 26, 2009

Our newest YouTube video shows how we use acrylic paint to decorate and highlight a hockey player sports cut out.  After painting, glitter paint is added  to make the details “sparkle.”  The hockey player cut out can be put onto one of our budget “Just Add Sand” centerpiece bases.  Use two pieces of onion grass to highlight.

Add balloons and table name cards with coordinated place cards to make an economical budget Hockey theme for your Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, special event or party!

Visit our site for more ideas and videos.

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Budget Bat Mitzvah Ideas by Going Theme Less

Posted by Michael on July 11, 2009

Lois Solomon wrote in Moms and Dads on the SunSentinal site about a theme-less bat mitzvah party.

In it she writes:  “To reduce costs but still make a party that is classy and fun, I’m hiring a DJ and buying some centerpieces. I bought invitations on-line and created an e-mail address for people to RSVP. In this economy, I’m not sure guests should expect much more.”  Read the rest of the article

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How to Choose a (Bar Mitzvah or Bat) Mitzvah Project

Posted by Michael on June 26, 2009

I found this article by Rabbi Dara Frimmer in the JewishJournal.com on June 24, 2009. She discusses the why’s and the what’s of selecting a mitzvah project. This is an important part of this life cycle event when a young woman, or young man, transitions to Jewish adult life. A mitzvah project Rabbi Frimmer says:

…reminds us that the celebration of the bar/bat mitzvah student amid centerpieces, flowers and balloons is not only a celebration of age and accomplishment but also a celebration of his/her capacity to heal the world.

Later she continued: “Saying ‘thank you’ for all of life’s gifts won’t fit into the last few paragraphs of a student’s d’var Torah. At the moments when we are most aware of our blessings, mitzvah projects help us to concretize our feelings of gratitude through service to others. Sometimes, words are not enough; we need to act.

Read the entire story.

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