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Green Wedding for Real – Details and Hints

Posted by Michael on August 11, 2009

Patti Lew wrote an article titled “Real Greener Ever After Wedding: Farm Fresh Weddingfest” in yesterday’s SF Green Weddings Examiner.

She tells the story of a beautiful three day wedding fest in Connecticut’s Berkshire Mountains.


The following advice was offered at the end of the article for “Other Eco-conscious Couples

  • “Definitely keep it fun and light. The decisions you make shouldn’t limit you.
  • “Incorporate your friends because they want to be involved and it’s meaningful for them, too.
  • “Don’t be afraid of what other people are going to say or expect of a wedding. We helped shift that idea and ultimately when people get there they’re totally grateful for that experience.
  • “Don’t settle. You may have tough conversations with your families, but try to get them onboard and build consensus on building meaningful celebrations.
  • “Go with what you are passionate about because you love it and people will love it, too. “

Read the rest of the article.


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