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Tennis Player Foam Cut Outs, Court And Theme Kits Now Online

Posted by Michael on January 21, 2011

Our constantly expanding theme sport cut outs and DIY centerpiece kits have a new addition. We just added tennis player cut outs on their own simulated grass tennis court complete with a tennis net.

Tennis Player Foam Cut Outs And Tennis Court Kit
A close up of the grass tennis court kit with net.

Shown in 9 inch width by 12 inch length – also available 18 inches long.
Small Tennis Court Kit With Net
Male Tennis Foam Cut OutFemale Tennis Player Foam Cut Out ShapeEither male or female tennis players are available, shown painted black or come standard in their natural polystyrene white.

You can paint, highlight or detail.  Or we can do this  work for you to save time and expense!

Please visit out DIY centerpiece page for more ideas and kits.  We also feature other themes and sports.  Or visit our DIY centerpiece supplies pages for more themes, sports and laminate cutouts to highlight and accentuate your centerpieces and theme party decorations.


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New Lacrosse Players Sports Cut Outs Available

Posted by Michael on October 1, 2010

Male LaCrosse Player Cut Out

Lacrosse is becoming a more popular sport in the United States.  We decided to add these female (right) and male (below) Lacrosse players to our extensive line of party sports theme centerpiece cut outs.

As with all of our cut outs, they are cut out of polystyrene and are available in plain white, detailed and as well as painted and detailed.

In Lacrosse a small, solid rubber ball passed from player to player with a long racket also know as a lacrosse stick.  The netting at the end of the stick allows the ball to be caught, held and passed to another player or into a goal net for a score.  Both men and women play lacrosse and it is said to be the oldest team sport in the Americas.

The origin of Lacrosse interested me.  It began as a Native American team sport among the Iroquois and Huron Indian tribes of the U.S. and Canada. The game had many uses and many purposes.  It would be played to resolve conflicts or to prepare for war.  It was also a development tool for strong bodies and used as a religious rite.

Our centerpiece decorations are certainly not used for those reasons.  However, they are applicable for your next sports event or celebration, themed wedding or rehearsal, birthday or retirement party, as well as bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah celebrations.

Visit our main do it yourself centerpiece site for more sports cut outs samples.

As always, if you do not see what you need  we can always make a prototype to suit your dreams.  There is no extra charge for developing a custom cut out for our customers.

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Our Baby Bear Cutout on A Just Add Sand Base for A Baptism Party

Posted by Michael on June 13, 2010

We choice our baby bear cutout when Carlos’ family asked us to come up with an inexpensive custom centerpiece to decorate the party celebration.

Custom Baby Bear Cutout

The personalized baby bear cut out was painted in baby boy blue, with the name and date added.  We placed onto one our Just Add Sand centerpiece kits for an attractive and affordable party centerpiece decoration.

Full Baby Boy Baptism Party Centerpiece

The full view of the centerpiece is shown above with coordinating colors of  mylar paper covering a weighted base.  View the instructions how to make a baby shower centerpiece video.  Click here to view our other baby cut out designs.

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Tall Centerpiece Kit Combines Flexible Plastic Tubes with Top and Bottom Bases for Parties and Events

Posted by Michael on December 21, 2009

Tall Two Level Centerpiece with Flexible Plastic Tube

Tall Two Level Centerpiece with Flexible Plastic Tube

Combine these popularly requested items as a base kit to put together your do it yourself tall centerpiece for any upcoming events or parties. Kits consist of a round or square 12″ base, variable length flexible plastic tube and a 8” top round piece. Suitable for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or theme centerpieces for parties and events. Add sports or other theme accents to compliment. Painting/ribbon is an option as is shred fill.

Visit our DIY Flexible Plastic Tube page for more information and links to How-To Videos.

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New Ice Cream Centerpieces Debut for Bar Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Wedding and other Events

Posted by Michael on November 29, 2009

We added some do it yourself ice cream theme centerpiece cut outs suitable for all kinds of delicious looking ice cream aficionados.  Shown here on our “Just Add Sand” centerpiece bases.  Each comes cut out of rigid polystyrene in white so you can decorate as desired with almost any kid of water based paint.

Ice Cream Banana Split Centerpiece

Mikey’s favorite is the banana split (left), shown here with an ice cream cone and a bar.  Also available is the ice cream sundae (right).

Ice Cream Sundae Centerpiece

Ice Cream Sundae Centerpiece

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A Simple DIY Formula for a Halloween (or other) Centerpiece Decoration for a Bat Mitzvah Party

Posted by Michael on November 18, 2009

We wanted to share a formula for some cute centerpieces we helped put together for a Halloween themed bat mitzvah party a just a few weeks ago.

Use these construction techniques to decorate your party with attractive centerpieces.  Support a stick or flexible plastic tube by gluing onto a piece of styrofoam or wood.  Insert into your base (here a plastic jack-o-lantern) and glue.  The base can also be a shopping bag, small box, decorated box, theme box (i.e. computer), etc.  Camouflage with some tissue or mylar paper.  Add a large picture (or other theme piece)  at the top mounted to a rigid piece of cardboard or polystyrene and attached to the stick or flexible plastic tube.

Add theme related garnishments – here we used leaves, scarecrows, dried flowers, etc.  Or it can be anything complimenting the theme you select.


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Basketball, Football and Lacrosse Centerpieces by a Do It Yourselfer

Posted by Michael on September 20, 2009

Cheryl from Maryland sent us these pictures

Basketball DIY Centerpiece

of the Basketball DIY Centerpiece, Football DIY Centerpiece

Football DIY Centerpiece


Lacrosse DIY Centerpiece she made with the do it yourself centerpiece supplies we sent her plus her additions!

Lacroosse DIY CenterpieceCongratulations and good work!

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Use Colors to Express Your Specific and Unique DIY Wedding Flowers and Accent Ideas

Posted by Michael on August 23, 2009

Tracey Smith’s blog on Thoughtfully Simple earlier today was titled Express Yourself with Color on Your Wedding Day

She began by writing: “Did you know that every color has a specific meaning or symbolism? Just like horoscopes, some people believe in these symbols and meanings and others do not. Whether you believe it or not, certain colors certainly do exude specific energies (red is hot, yellow is cheerful, etc) and the colors that you choose for your wedding theme can have a big impact on the overall success of your big day. Here is a closer look at what the specific meanings are behind the most popular wedding colors…”

For instance, she continued to explain:  “The color RED signifies passionate love….. The color PURPLE signifies magical, mysterious love…. The color YELLOW signifies happy and wise love.”

Read what these and other colors represent in the rest of the story.

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New DIY Violin Cut Out with Strings and a Bow for a Party Centerpiece Video is Up

Posted by Michael on August 17, 2009

Our new video demonstrates how to put together a DIY violin cut out for a music theme party centerpiece.  The centerpiece includes strings and a bow. The  strings are made from white yarn, heavy black card stock and clear push pins.  We start with a plain white polystyrene violin cut out, seal it and paint it.  Judy paints F holes, adds a tail piece, fine tuners as well as a bow with fishing string hair.

The violin and bow are added to a budget “Just Add Sand” centerpiece base and accented with two pieces of onion grass.  Balloons, a table name and table place cards together make an economical violin theme centerpiece for a Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, special event or party!

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Green Wedding for Real – Details and Hints

Posted by Michael on August 11, 2009

Patti Lew wrote an article titled “Real Greener Ever After Wedding: Farm Fresh Weddingfest” in yesterday’s SF Green Weddings Examiner.

She tells the story of a beautiful three day wedding fest in Connecticut’s Berkshire Mountains.


The following advice was offered at the end of the article for “Other Eco-conscious Couples

  • “Definitely keep it fun and light. The decisions you make shouldn’t limit you.
  • “Incorporate your friends because they want to be involved and it’s meaningful for them, too.
  • “Don’t be afraid of what other people are going to say or expect of a wedding. We helped shift that idea and ultimately when people get there they’re totally grateful for that experience.
  • “Don’t settle. You may have tough conversations with your families, but try to get them onboard and build consensus on building meaningful celebrations.
  • “Go with what you are passionate about because you love it and people will love it, too. “

Read the rest of the article.

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