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Tennis Player Foam Cut Outs, Court And Theme Kits Now Online

Posted by Michael on January 21, 2011

Our constantly expanding theme sport cut outs and DIY centerpiece kits have a new addition. We just added tennis player cut outs on their own simulated grass tennis court complete with a tennis net.

Tennis Player Foam Cut Outs And Tennis Court Kit
A close up of the grass tennis court kit with net.

Shown in 9 inch width by 12 inch length – also available 18 inches long.
Small Tennis Court Kit With Net
Male Tennis Foam Cut OutFemale Tennis Player Foam Cut Out ShapeEither male or female tennis players are available, shown painted black or come standard in their natural polystyrene white.

You can paint, highlight or detail.  Or we can do this  work for you to save time and expense!

Please visit out DIY centerpiece page for more ideas and kits.  We also feature other themes and sports.  Or visit our DIY centerpiece supplies pages for more themes, sports and laminate cutouts to highlight and accentuate your centerpieces and theme party decorations.


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Soccer Theme Base Kit For DIY Sports Theme Centerpiece

Posted by Michael on October 12, 2010

Soccer Sports Theme Base For DIY Centerpiece We added a new do it yourself sports theme centerpiece for soccer enthusiasts. This nine inch by twelve inch styrofoam base is covered with artificial grass. Ribbons are placed around the sides of the base in theme colors. A miniature soccer net and soccer squeeze ball round off the details. The soccer net is shown here along the twelve inch side but can also be glued to the base along the nine inch side. The support and net comes either fully assembled or as a parts kit with full instructions to save even more.

This view (below, right) shows from the top with the goal aligned along the nine inch side.Soccer Theme DIY Centerpiece Kit Top View

Use one of these soccer kits as a base for your bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah celebration parties, themed rehearsal and receptions, birthdays, retirements, corporate events, sports banquets and other theme events, parties and celebrations.
Accent with a soccer sports cut out (below) which you can cut from polystyrene. They are available plain, detailed as well as painted and highlighted.

Soccer Player Cut Out

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New Lacrosse Players Sports Cut Outs Available

Posted by Michael on October 1, 2010

Male LaCrosse Player Cut Out

Lacrosse is becoming a more popular sport in the United States.  We decided to add these female (right) and male (below) Lacrosse players to our extensive line of party sports theme centerpiece cut outs.

As with all of our cut outs, they are cut out of polystyrene and are available in plain white, detailed and as well as painted and detailed.

In Lacrosse a small, solid rubber ball passed from player to player with a long racket also know as a lacrosse stick.  The netting at the end of the stick allows the ball to be caught, held and passed to another player or into a goal net for a score.  Both men and women play lacrosse and it is said to be the oldest team sport in the Americas.

The origin of Lacrosse interested me.  It began as a Native American team sport among the Iroquois and Huron Indian tribes of the U.S. and Canada. The game had many uses and many purposes.  It would be played to resolve conflicts or to prepare for war.  It was also a development tool for strong bodies and used as a religious rite.

Our centerpiece decorations are certainly not used for those reasons.  However, they are applicable for your next sports event or celebration, themed wedding or rehearsal, birthday or retirement party, as well as bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah celebrations.

Visit our main do it yourself centerpiece site for more sports cut outs samples.

As always, if you do not see what you need  we can always make a prototype to suit your dreams.  There is no extra charge for developing a custom cut out for our customers.

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Photos of New DIY Centerpiece Cut Outs Added to Flickr

Posted by Michael on September 24, 2010

Centerpiece Soccer Player Cut Out I uploaded some  new pictures to Flickr yesterday.  Include are our polystyrene cut out figures in several groups including ice cream, sports (soccer player example as picture to the right) and music.  There are more coming as soon as I can get to them!

These, of course, are great DIY supplies for do it yourself centerpiece aficionados.  I also added two of our videos.

You can do directly to the ABnC Parties on Flickr site by following the link.   If the link does not work, copy the following into your browser to find:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/abncparties/

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Single Level Custom Basketball Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece Table Decoration

Posted by Michael on September 19, 2010

Single Level Bar Mitzvah Basketball CenterpiecePictured here is a custom single level basketball centerpiece that is simple to make. It is creative, yet unique in the way it tells its story theme. The party celebration centers around college basketball teams.

The basketball centerpiece parts are easy to transport for do it yourselfers.  Assembly takes but a few minutes at the party or event celebration.

We spray paint the top of the 12″ square styrofoam base with silver paint and ribbon the edges.  Mylar paper poofs in team or theme colors are placed around the center where the ball is attached to the base.  A team banner is added on a wooden dowel embellished with curling ribbon.  The team name is the table name which corresponds to names on the place cards.

Another simple but unique creative idea for your sports banquet, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, theme wedding rehearsal or reception, retirement, birthday, or corporate event or party.

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Variation On Custom Tall Sports Jersey Centerpiece For Your Bar Mitzvah Or Party

Posted by Michael on September 3, 2010

Tall T-Shirt Sports Theme Centerpiece

Tall T-Shirt Sports Theme Centerpiece

As you know our tall sports jersey centerpiece kits have been a favorite for a while. However, they can be pricey when you add an authentic sports jersey to the cost of the centerpiece. We came up with this variation using jersey or t-shirt patterns made from rigid polystyrene. We paint the polystyrene with water based paint. Then we hand detailed and customized with the team’s name on the front as well as the player’s name on the back.

We use our clear, flexible plastic tubes glued to styrofoam for rigidity, that elevate the patterns some 16″ to 24″.   This way the centerpiece does not obstruct the view of guests sitting around the tables. We filled the tubes with gold shred as a highlight.  The styrofoam base bottom is ribboned and sprayed.  Paper poofs act in a dual role, adding decorative colors as well as hiding the construction. This base of this custom sports theme centerpiece was accented with a mock player card as well as a team pennant.

Custom Sports T-Shirt Centerpiece Tops

Custom Sports T-Shirt Tops for Centerpieces

For do it yourselfers using real t-shirts or sports jerseys, there is a ready made t-shirt card stock pattern available in hobby stores or through our site.  Or you can easily make a pattern and cut them yourself.

Each kit readily supports the weight of a t-shirt or a jersey when properly assembled using our simple step by step guidelines.  If the room’s ceiling is tall enough, you can also add decorative party balloons.

If you purchase a kit from us we can even ‘slit’ the top base for an easier fit when adding a card board pattern. Follow the link for more information on sports jersey centerpiece kits.

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Saturday’s Party Theme Had Chicago Blackhawk Custom Hockey Centerpieces

Posted by Michael on August 30, 2010

Custom Hockey Theme Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece

Chicago Blackhawks Party Centerpiece

These custom hockey table centerpiece decorations helped Justin celebrate his Bar Mitzvah last Saturday. Every table had a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory  theme. Standing tall on each centerpiece was a colorfully painted hockey player cut out. A Stanley Cup trophy rendering and a table sign on either side complemented the player. A favorite Blackhawk players was the name of each of Jonathan’s tables. This one had the name Jonathan Toews.

More photos to follow in future posts.

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Chicago Bears Football Sports Theme Party Centerpieces

Posted by Michael on August 15, 2010

The NFL’s pre-season kicked off yesterday in a somewhat dismal fashion for our home town Chicago Bears football team. While there is still hope for a championship, or even just a post season appearance, I thought it appropriate to re-visit a recent Chicago Bears theme Bar Mitzvah party celebration.

Mikey took some before and after room videos and our friend Jack Hoyt supplied us with professional stills. Shown are several different centerpieces, a place card table name centerpiece as well as a candle lighting.

The central theme can be carried over and used for other football teams. The centerpieces are also available for do it yourself enthusiasts and come in easy to assemble make your own kits.

We have other ideas for your at our DIY Football Theme Centerpiece

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Custom Baseball Sports Theme Centerpiece Revisited

Posted by Michael on July 18, 2010

The 2010 baseball season is heating up now that we are past the All Star game and headed into the stretch.  I  again show you this custom baseball sports theme centerpiece video.  These centerpieces can be used for table decorations at all baseball theme events and parties.  They are suitable for Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Wedding and Engagement Parties, Theme Events, Retirements, Birthdays, etc.

The video is a favorite which was first uploaded to YouTube in December, 2007 just before we embarked on our cruise of the Mexican Riviera.  Shown are single and double level baseball centerpieces as well as our tall sports jersey centerpiece.  More information and details are available on our main do it yourself site at our DIY baseball centerpiece page.

Our budget Just Add Sand centerpiece can be used for baseball and other sports theme centerpieces.  For more see our information on custom cutout kits.

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Chicago Bears Football Theme Bar Mitzvah Party Celebration Video

Posted by Michael on October 8, 2009

Here is the YouTube video of the Chicago Bears football theme Bar Mitzvah celebration we promised.

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