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A Simple DIY Formula for a Halloween (or other) Centerpiece Decoration for a Bat Mitzvah Party

Posted by Michael on November 18, 2009

We wanted to share a formula for some cute centerpieces we helped put together for a Halloween themed bat mitzvah party a just a few weeks ago.

Use these construction techniques to decorate your party with attractive centerpieces.  Support a stick or flexible plastic tube by gluing onto a piece of styrofoam or wood.  Insert into your base (here a plastic jack-o-lantern) and glue.  The base can also be a shopping bag, small box, decorated box, theme box (i.e. computer), etc.  Camouflage with some tissue or mylar paper.  Add a large picture (or other theme piece)  at the top mounted to a rigid piece of cardboard or polystyrene and attached to the stick or flexible plastic tube.

Add theme related garnishments – here we used leaves, scarecrows, dried flowers, etc.  Or it can be anything complimenting the theme you select.



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