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My Waffle Wedded Wife or Do You Want To Laugh Til Your Cry?

Posted by Michael on October 8, 2010

Is this the ideal result of a Marriage Planning event you would want seen on YouTube?

  • Can Melissa stop laughing at her own wedding ceremony?
    Can Andrew spit out the words of their wedding vows?
    Will Melissa become be his lawfully wedded wife?
    Or his too scared to go through with it?
    Is the officiant surprised by all of this?
    Does the tension mount as the melodrama plays out?

I guess you will have to just watch and see….take a step away from business and enjoy a few relaxing moments.


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Is This Singing Wedding Toast Gone Too Far?

Posted by Michael on September 29, 2010

This YouTube video of a singing wedding toast is almost a lavish hollywood production.  The groom is Lin-Manuel Miranda composer, lyricist and  Tony Award-nominated actor.  Miranda wrote and stared in the Broadway musical “In the Heights”.  He won the Tony Award as lyricist and called upon many talented friends for the production number.

This was a surprise gift for his wife Vanessa at their wedding reception:  “All of Vanessa’s close friends and family rehearsed for a month in secret, leading up to the reception. What we lack in polish, we hopefully make up for in joy and love. In any event, everyone in this video has one thing in common: We’d do anything to show Vanessa how much we love her.”

Enjoyable yes, but beyond the reach, of  course, of  do it yourself budget wedding party celebration market.  You  might enjoy the entertainment, however, as they sing, and I repeat — L’Chaim, L’Chaim to life!

Considering the economy I invite you to visit our <a href=”http://do-it-yourself-wedding-centerpiece.com”>DIY Wedding Centerpiece</a> site for some cheap, budget wedding centerpiece ideas.

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DIY Simple Yet Elegant Wedding Balloon Centerpiece Video

Posted by Michael on September 10, 2010

All you really need to make this budget wedding reception or rehearsal centerpiece is the following:

  • a weight material covered in mylar paper,
  • around four feet of tulle (in a theme color of your choice),
  • three – 11 inch balloons filled with helium
  • some curling ribbon
  • scissors

We have other videos up on YouTube explaining how to make the weight, tie a balloon (using no clips) as well as curling ribbon.

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Choosing a Wedding Theme That Won’t Cost You

Posted by Michael on February 18, 2010

When you hear about the average cost of a wedding these days, it can make you cringe. What if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, but you still want your family and friends to be a part of your special day? There are a number of things to consider, and one particular aspect that could really affect cost is the theme of the wedding. Having a theme is also a great opportunity to get creative and make the event a lot of fun.

Here are a few themes that will save you a considerable amount of money…

The nature lovers’ wedding

Photo credit: http://www.fourriversheritage.org/photos/Quiet%20waters%20park%20pavillion.jpg

Hold your wedding at a public park that has pavilions and restrooms. A lot of these parks are really beautiful. In Maryland (where I live), you can find several right on the water. It’s typically between $100-200 to rent the pavilion for the day, which is next to nothing compared to hotels and banquet halls. You can also have a lot of fun with the decorations. Instead of having typical flower centerpieces, you could incorporate sand, water, rocks, grasses and curly twigs or vines. You’ll also be lucky enough to have the beautiful landscape, so you don’t need to over-do it in terms of décor.

In this type of setting, a big fancy wedding cake might look out of place (lucky for you!), so you could do a variety of pies such as pumpkin, apple and pecan. You can also focus on one signature drink instead of having a full bar. For the nature setting, a spiked iced tea or apple cider would be perfect.

The wedding brunch

Photo credit: http://www.bubblybride.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/kimfryewordpress.jpg

This type of theme allows you to shift from a fancy sit-down dinner to a more casual buffet of sandwiches, salads, soups, croissants, and other cost-effective types of food. With this theme, you would also be able to skip the hors d’oeuvres because it’s too a little too early for that. Dessert might consist of cookies and brownies.

You can also focus on mimosas or screwdrivers and opt out of the full bar, given the time of day. Your wedding ceremony would probably have to be around 11am, with the reception following around noon in order for this theme to be appropriate.

The dessert wedding

Photo credit: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3039/2972969130_2b546536fc.jpg

This type of wedding can be very fun and still elegant, if executed correctly. This type of reception should follow a ceremony in the late evening. If people will be arriving to the reception earlier than 8pm, they will most likely be expecting dinner.

With this theme, you should offer a large variety of desserts– from chocolate covered strawberries to cookies, pies, cakes, & candies, you can really get creative and fun with this one. With this type of reception, you can also enlist the help of friends and make a lot of the desserts yourselves. Cookies, pies and cupcakes are the types of desserts that are ok for non-professionals to make, and can be done a day or two ahead of time. Candies like Hershey kisses, M&Ms, and Reese’s peanut butter cups don’t even require you to make anything- just throw them in a bowl! You can also limit the alcohol selection to something like champagne and Irish coffee.


Kerry McCullough is the owner of Maryland Budget Wise Weddings, a website that helps brides on a budget to plan an affordable wedding in the Maryland area. After planning her own wedding a year and a half ago, Kerry realized how challenging it can be to create a memorable event that doesn’t break the bank. Her website features affordable local vendors, a budget calculator, tricks and tips, articles, local bridal shows, a timeline, and bride-to-bride advice. http://www.budgetwiseweddingmd.com.

For more general ideas on planning budget friendly weddings, visit her blog: http://www.budgetwisewedding.blogspot.com

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New Double Name Balloon Arch Spells Out Names in Letter Balloons

Posted by Michael on December 17, 2009

We got a call and delivered our first double name balloon arch spelled out in letters this past weekend. It was well received.

Two Names Spelled Out in Balloon Letters

Jamie - Jason Spelled out in Letter a Balloon Arch

Follow the link for more picture of names in balloons or if you have trouble seeing the full width of this picture.

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New Budget DIY Poker Centerpiece Video is Available

Posted by Michael on August 29, 2009

We just finished uploading this fun to make Poker theme centerpiece video on YouTube.

Watch for our new DIY Ice Cream Centerpiece video, coming soon!

For additional information on our kits and supplies, visit us.

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Use Colors to Express Your Specific and Unique DIY Wedding Flowers and Accent Ideas

Posted by Michael on August 23, 2009

Tracey Smith’s blog on Thoughtfully Simple earlier today was titled Express Yourself with Color on Your Wedding Day

She began by writing: “Did you know that every color has a specific meaning or symbolism? Just like horoscopes, some people believe in these symbols and meanings and others do not. Whether you believe it or not, certain colors certainly do exude specific energies (red is hot, yellow is cheerful, etc) and the colors that you choose for your wedding theme can have a big impact on the overall success of your big day. Here is a closer look at what the specific meanings are behind the most popular wedding colors…”

For instance, she continued to explain:  “The color RED signifies passionate love….. The color PURPLE signifies magical, mysterious love…. The color YELLOW signifies happy and wise love.”

Read what these and other colors represent in the rest of the story.

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Green Wedding for Real – Details and Hints

Posted by Michael on August 11, 2009

Patti Lew wrote an article titled “Real Greener Ever After Wedding: Farm Fresh Weddingfest” in yesterday’s SF Green Weddings Examiner.

She tells the story of a beautiful three day wedding fest in Connecticut’s Berkshire Mountains.


The following advice was offered at the end of the article for “Other Eco-conscious Couples

  • “Definitely keep it fun and light. The decisions you make shouldn’t limit you.
  • “Incorporate your friends because they want to be involved and it’s meaningful for them, too.
  • “Don’t be afraid of what other people are going to say or expect of a wedding. We helped shift that idea and ultimately when people get there they’re totally grateful for that experience.
  • “Don’t settle. You may have tough conversations with your families, but try to get them onboard and build consensus on building meaningful celebrations.
  • “Go with what you are passionate about because you love it and people will love it, too. “

Read the rest of the article.

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More say ‘I do’ to do-it-yourself nuptials

Posted by Michael on July 22, 2009

Mary Meehan of  McClatchy Newspapers, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, quoted Anja Winikka, editor of theknot.com, an online resource for weddings:  “The DIY thing is indicative of the economy…A lot of people now feel comfortable talking about how they are going to be saving on their weddings.”

Read the rest of the article.

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Recession Diary: DIY Wedding Way to Go

Posted by Michael on July 20, 2009

An interesting article appeared earlier today on UPI.com.  It talks about do it yourself weddings in times of recession.  I think it’s about getting back to roots….

“I’ve attended many a formal wedding but think the communal route we took for my daughter’s wedding is the way to go.

“The efforts of so many people made the celebration unbelievably joyous, electric and rollicking. The love in the room was palpable.

“With the exception of the officiating rabbi and my close friend’s string quartet at the ceremony, the wedding was completely non-professional. If all weddings were like this, the outrageously costly industrial wedding machine would come to a screeching halt.”

Read the rest of the article

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