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A Beautiful Story About a Young Lady’s Bat Mitzvah Project

Posted by Michael on December 13, 2009

Dave Choate wrote on Friday at Seacoastonline.com an article called: “Girl gives handmade menorahs to elderly.”

In it, he writes: “On the eve of Hanukkah, one Stratham girl brought icons of the holiday to those who otherwise would have gone without.”

Bat Mitzvah Project

Rachel Presenting a Menorah

“In preparation for her June bat mitzvah, the Jewish rite of passage into adulthood, seventh-grader Rachel Salzman of Stratham has spent hours creating painted wooden menorahs for the region’s elderly…In all, she’s created 30 to give to residents of assisted-living facilities and nursing homes in the Seacoast. ”

We think this was a great Mitzvah project and hope you gain inspiration for it. Read the rest of the story, including warm appreciations from many of the recipients.


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