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Changes in our Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Wedding Business over the past few years, a New Year’s Reflection

Posted by Michael on January 2, 2009

In 2007 A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. offered party planning and products for Bar and Bat Mitzvah events as well as weddings. We coordinated parties and oversaw the day of events for those parties. A-BnC Parties was already well established in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, having originated in 1980. We were on local Web directories. We established our first Web site, abncparties.com, to make a wider Web presence and introduce our party products and personalized services to a wider audience.

That experiment was based on a marketing concept that frankly did not succeed! However, since it was an investment of love and time, we did not give up. Instead we were turned in a new direction quite by chance. That event led us to offer a wider selection of DIY supplies and kits. In 2008 we established this blog, as well as a presence on other social sites. We also started separate do it yourself theme centerpiecee and wedding centerpiece sites.

This was similar to how we originally started and grew our business, by trial and error. We grew by listening to feedback from our customers and meeting their requests. We can now thank the many new friends we have met via the Web whom we would never have had a chance to meet before! And, we thank you for your confidence, testimonials and repeated support.

As in life, all things change. The recent economic climate has affected us all. We see a remarkable shift to Web purchasing. Therefore, we recently affiliated with partners to expand the products we offer to our Web friends. We invite you to visit their sites and enjoy their products. We also invite feedback so we can continue to evaluate our relationship with them

We partnered with a very bright young woman who offers signing for the deaf in the greater Chicagoland area. We have known her for many years and are friends with her parents. So if you have a need for signing for the deaf in the Chicago area, please contact us.

We will still continue to offer the same personalized service and products we manufacture and/or assembly ourselves for both our local customers as well as our Web DIY supplies and kits customers.

A-BnC Parties and More is in process of consolidating our Websites. We will combine our personalized party planning products and services with do it yourself supplies and kits. This will make navigation for all the products and services we offer much easier. Our WordPress blog will also move to our main Website, soon. Please bear with us during the transition.

We have truly been blessed over the years and hope to continue helping our friends and associates. Thank you, everyone, and Happy New Year!

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