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Cheap but attractive wedding centerpieces to delight your budget and dazzle your guests!

Posted by Michael on December 14, 2008

Cut polystyrene to look like two joined hearts. Prepare card stock overlays (both sides) with the couples’ names and a saying of your choice, pictures of the couple, etc. Attach with double sided tape or low temperature glue.

Joined Hearts Centerpiece

Joined Hearts Centerpiece

Cut a thick acrylic rod or wooden dowel (with paint and ribbon added) to the desired height (about 14” as shown). Attach the rod or dowel to the joined hearts using a low temperature glue gun. You can also paint the sides of the polystyrene joined hearts. Use a water based paint such as acrylic, material, or tempera paint.

Joined Hearts with Acrylic Rod attached to Styrofoam on the Mylar Papers

Joined Hearts with Acrylic Rod attached to Styrofoam on the Mylar Papers

I used play sand wrapped in two sheets of metallic Mylar paper for the base. Match the papers to the color theme of the wedding. Use a small piece of Styrofoam at the bottom to support the rod or dowel. Glue the rod or dowel to the Styrofoam piece with low temperature glue, keeping the joined hearts straight up.

Place the Styrofoam piece with the attached rod and hearts in the center of the Mylar sheets. Pour about ½ cup of play sand on top of the Styrofoam piece. Gather the top of the papers around the sand and rod, starting with two opposite corners. Then gather the other two corners in, one at a time.

Tie together with a piece of matching curling ribbon then curl the ends. Leave enough room in the opening to insert your accent pieces.
(You can also put the sand in a small plastic bag. Then you will have to pierce the bag to glue the rod to the Styrofoam. River pebbles are an alternative weight.)

Open up the top of the Mylar paper so the base looks like a flower.
Add onion grass, example here, as an accent, placing them in the hole we made when we gathered the metallic papers together. Arrange to your satisfaction. You are done!

Place on a mirrored base and add tea lights. Sprinkle potpourri, sea shells or other accents on the table. Add balloons for additional height.

Additional pictures.

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