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Balloons and Balloon Decorations for the Budget Minded Bride

Posted by Michael on October 28, 2008

We picked up this valuable information.

“Need a quick idea to dress up a mediocre wedding? Balloon decorations are just what you need. These do-it-yourself ideas are not only low-cost but also lovely additions to a wedding ceremony or reception. Adding balloon decorations to your wedding is a smart way to be creative and save money.” Click to read the entire story.

And, here are some examples of our balloon arches, “names” in balloons and balloon columns. From our friend, Jack Hoyt (photographer)…from Warren Michael (photographer)…and from my hubby, Michael Yublosky…

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6 Responses to “Balloons and Balloon Decorations for the Budget Minded Bride”

  1. Hi,

    Although you support DIY balloon decor I’m sure you would recomend people to prctise in advance of there wedding day. I see so much poorly (or downright) bad balloon decor that has been a DIY job, quite often it would actually look better with out it. Most people underestimate how long it will take to complete and the amount of work and skill needed to make a good job of it.

    By all means go the DIY route, just make sure you know what your doing and don’t let it spoil your big day.


  2. Jim

    Thank you for your comments. We agree entirely and have even seen “professional” balloon companies do poor jobs in our estimation. When we first started out it was practice, practice, practice. We didn’t even inflate balloons for our first party, we bought them. Still we almost didn’t complete the setup before the party started!

    I do not know what is happening over the Atlantic with helium prices. But here in the States, prices have skyrocketed. Working with air filled balloons is economical and can be easily mastered with patience and know how.

    We have always lent a hand to do-it-yourselfers, since that is the way we started out ourselves. People ask us why we give our knowledge away…it’s a way to give back and help others who are interested in learning.

    Michael (for Judy)

  3. Hi,

    I’ve heard about the problems you guys are having with helium, both with price increases and shortages, we have had some increases but not to the same extent, I think it’s to do with the problems in the supply chain in the USA for helium.

    I would come across a lot of people who want to do their own balloon decor for their own weddings or parties. A lot of them are on a tight budget and want more bang for their buck, but a lot also think that it’s a quick and easy thing to do. I generally talk through the various things they will need to do, time it will take, materials they will need etc, most people just have no idea.

    I agree that a lot of so called professional companies don’t know what they are doing, or worse know what they should do but don’t bother, many of them specialise in other aspects of weddings such as flowers, cakes, chair covers etc. They think that doing balloons is a quick and easy way to make lots of money, they won’t do any training and the only practice they get is on actual jobs.

    I agree with you that air filled jobs are going to be more and more cost effective, and if done properly will give a stunning effect.

    Bye the way, I love the website.


  4. Jim:

    Thanks again.

    I went to your website and as us Yanks would say..”right back atcha!”


  5. johnny said

    Thanks for good post

  6. This is exactly what I was searching for

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