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Another success Story for Do-It-Yourself Centerpiece Supplies

Posted by Michael on July 4, 2008

Received from Heather, New Jersey

Yeah – the party is over. Had fun doing it. Thanks again for your help.

Note: Custom cut flexible plastic tubes easily add desired height to your centerpieces.


15 Responses to “Another success Story for Do-It-Yourself Centerpiece Supplies”

  1. diane said

    wheredid u get coach bags ..i love the feather centetrpiece i need ony 8, but they only sell 12

  2. This is actually the work of a customer. We supplied the flexible plastic tubes. We will contact the customer for any information and get back to you.

  3. Annette Carrion said

    Hello my daughter wants this centerpiece for her sweet fifteen. Is their anyway you can tell me how it was done.

    • Hello, I can’t tell you exactly how this was done as it was done by one of our customers using our tubes. But what I can see is that the tube was put into Styrofoam and then the top had a bag on it. We can provide any of the components for you (minus the bag and feathers). Contact us for further instructions and help with supplies.

  4. Annette Carrion said

    Maybe she can tell me exactly how she did it..

  5. Annette Carrion said

    Happy New Year! Do you know if can find bags that same way without the stamp coach if not how can i purchase it from coach.

  6. Bobbie said

    My daughter would also like this idea for her sweet 15 party, I have been searching everywhere for the bags, any information you could provide to me would be very helpful!!

  7. Hi Bobbie,

    Thank you for contacting us. The bags were actually gotten from the store itself. The lady went to each of stores that her daughter liked and got a bad from that store. Some of the bags are plastic so you might have to put something on the inside to hold it up like another bad that is plain.

  8. Hi, I do not have her number.

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